HEMMA (2022) - Nordic Noir Pt. 2

Hemma is part 2 of what will become my Nordic Noir-trilogy: post-cinematic music inspired by the overwhelming landscapes in Norway.

'Hemma' is the Norwegian word for 'home'. Why? This record offers you once again a glimpse into my inner world, my home, my home studio. That is where I create my musical stories. Just like I did with Heis, I wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered this album at home. I play keys, guitar, some bass and a lot of virtual instruments.

At the same time Norway feels more and more like a second home. Field recordings made during our Nordic trips are the core of Hemma: the sounds in the Sognefjord, of the ferry in the Lysefjord, tinkling bottles in the tax free shop at sea, lonely Nordic sheep, night birds,the car door and lot's of ambient noises. But you'll also hear sounds recorded at home: Martha, our snoring cat and Barrie, our fluffy husky.

Hemma is available in a deluxe gatefold 180 gram vinyl, on cd and via streaming.

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HEIS (2020) - Nordic Noir Pt.1

This is the first album I made completely on my own. From composing to performing over mixing and mastering. Field recordings from Norway and Iceland emphasize the soundtrack quality of the music. You will hear a lot of sounds that I recorded while travelling in Norway and Iceland: the Hurtigrutten at the harbour of Tromsø, the fløibanen in Bergen, an old elevator in a hotel in Bergen, birds in the Lofoten, the water in the Lyngenfjord, Nordic sheep and some lost cars passing by, Kría birds, the Geysir, the door of an old Toyota Corolla, voices on the streets and at home.

HEIS is available in a deluxe gatefold 180 gram vinyl & cd package

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and on all streaming platforms.