From the first recordings in 1999 until the final album 'before-during-after' in 2009, Briskey evolved from a one-man project to an organic vivid live experience. Ten years, four albums, concerts at major venues and festivals in Belgium, but also in Greece, Italy, France and the Netherlands: Briskey was at the heart of the nu jazz scene. My compositions and electronica fused seamlessly with superb live musicians as Bart Maris (trumpet), Nicolas Roseeuw (sax), Tom Verschoore (trombone), Dorona Alberti (vocals), Sara Gilis (keys), Isolde Lasoen (drums),...

Cucumber Lodge - 20th Anniversary Edition (2023)

To celebrate its 20th Anniversary a new edition of the first Briskey album is released. 'Cucumber Lodge' will get a new suit, three different ones actually.

First, there is a remaster, more open and dynamic then the original one. Back in the day the cd-release was victim of the ‘loudness war’, due to streaming this is not necessary anymore, and being a mastering engineer myself, I got the idea for a new remastered version.

Second, there is a demo-version which I mixed myself in 2002, before going to an external studio the year after. This version has got more live contributions from sax, trumpet and voice, and is maybe better than the final one…

Third, there is a selection of live recordings. Although Briskey started as a solo-project it evolved to a powerful live band. These recording are the first to be released of the original live band, featuring Isolde Lasoen (drums), Dorona Alberti (vocals), Bart Maris (trumpet), Nic Roseeuw (sax), Kristof Roseeuw (double bass) and myself (electronica).

Enjoy nostalgia!

BRISKEY - Albums

before-during-after (Briskey, 2009)

The last Briskey album, but at the same time the first 'Gert Keunen'-album, introducing my cinematic style.


Scarlett Roadhouse (Briskey, 2006)

The second album: big band samples and electronica in combination with a full live band.


Briskey Big Band Live At Ancienne Belgique (Briskey, 2008)

The moment suprême of Briskey: live on stage at the famous Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, with a 14 piece jazz big band. 


Cucumber Lodge (Briskey, 2003)

Briskey's successful debut in the nu jazz scene of that time. A hybrid marriage between jazz samples and electronic beats.


Briskey - Other releases

Compilation album

Briskey (Japanese compilation, Rambing, 2007)


Kosmo & Yahoodi (Downsall Plastics DSL 034, 2005), including remix by Charivari

Galactic Jack/ Caffe Cino (Downsall Plastics DSL 027, 2003), including remix by Buscemi

Ready When You Are/ La Darsena (Downsall Plastics DSL 023, 2002)

Lovelier Without Make-Up/ Conchita’s Cabin (Downsall Plastics DSL 021, 2001)


Buscemi – Ghost track man (Briskey’s remix),12-inch (Virgin Labels, 2003)

Groove Armada - I See You Baby (Briskey’s Latino Reshake),12-inch (Zomba/ Jive, 2000)


Bootleg Bar Sessions, Vol 2 (Wack Attack Barrack, Belgium, 2006), Jazz Sous Les Pommiers, Vol 1 (Jazz Sous Les Pommiers, France, 2006), Pure Nu Jazz (Brioche Edizioni, Italy, 2006), Jazzadelic 06.2 (Jazz, Holland, 2006), Cartier (Brazil, 2006), Elektromium (FMC, Belgium, 2005), Late Nite Reworks by Buscemi, Vol. 1 (Downsall Plastics, Belgium, 2005), Nu Jazz (Wagram, France, 2004), Extravaganza (EMI, Greece, 2004), Metropolitan 101 – The City Of Music Electronic Downtempo Grooves  (Higher Note, Taiwan, 2004), Brazilectro 6 (SPV, Germany, 2004), The Sound Of Fashion – The Sexiest Beats For Cat Walks (Difference, Portugal, 2004), Elettrowave.04 (Arezzo Wave, Italy, 2004), Summer Grooves (Belgium, 2004), Jazzadelic 04.2 (Jazz, Holland, 2004), Saint-Germain-des-Près Café 4 (Wagram, France, 2004), Deluxe - The Finest Moments In Modern Lounge (United, Holland, 2004), Natural 2 (Plastics, Belgium, 2003), Studio Brussel - Switch 4 (News, Belgium, 2003), Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café 3 (Wagram, France, 2003), Welcome To Club Jazz 2 (Cinq Etoiles, Holland, 2002), Enjoy The Chill (Super/ Lowlands, Belgium, 2002), Mind The Gap 27 (Gonzo Circus, Belgium, 1999)

Briskey - Live shows

  • CLUBS BELGIUM: AB Brussel (5x), Vooruit Gent (3x), Cactus Brugge, Muziekodroom Hasselt (2x), Beursschouwburg Brussel, De Centrale Gent, Democrazy Gent, N9 Eeklo, Stuk Leuven, Depot Leuven (2x), Petrol Antwerpen (2x), Warande Turnhout, De Roma Antwerpen, Charlatan Gent, CC De Ververij Ronse, CC Hasselt (2x), Club Telex Gent

  • FESTIVALS BELGIUM: Jazz Middelheim Antwerpen, Blue Note Jazz Festival Gent, Boomtown Gent (2x), Feest in het Park Oudenaarde, Dijlefeesten Mechelen, Gentse Feesten Sint Jacobs

  • THE NETHERLANDS: 013 Tilburg, North Sea Jazz Den Haag, Effenaar Eindhoven, November Music Den Bosch, Rotterdam Import Festival, Amersfoort Jazz Festival, W2 Den Bosch

  • FRANCE: Jazz Sur Les Pommiers Coutances

  • ITALY: Arezzo Wave Festival, RomaEuropa Festival Rome, La Darsena Castiglione Del Lago, Trasimeno Blues Passigiano

  • GREECE: Armenistis Thessaloniki

Briskey Live Band

Dorona Alberti - vocals (2003-2019)

Isolde Lasoen - drums & vibraphone (2003-2019)

Bart Maris - trumpet (2003-2019)

Nic Roseeuw - soprano- & bass-sax (2003-2019)

Sara Gilis - keys (2008-2019)

Tom Verschoore - trombone (2008-2019)

Serafine Stragier - cello (2008-2010)

Kristof Roseeuw - double bass (2003-2005)

Charles Nagtzaam - double bass (2005-2008)

Tim Vandenbergh - double bass (2008-2010)

Zjef Vandenbergh - double bass (2019)