Let's do some mastering

Mastering, a new found love...

Part of the idea of doing everything myself (writing, producing and mixing music) also included the final mastering step. So I started to explore the art of mastering since 2020 and liked it so much that I read all the important books on the subjects, followed some mastering courses, did workshops with acclaimed mastering engineers and invested in the necessary gear. After two years of studying and being obsessed with mastering, I started doing this for others, and I like to take things a step further. 

So if you need some masters for streaming, a vinyl master or cd-ddp, just contact me!


I work in a hybrid set-up, combining digital plugins and analog hardware, in a multi-functional home studio (which is also build for creating and mixing music).


Wavelab Pro 11 (mastering), Cubase Pro 12 (producing and mixing), iZotope RX10 Advanced (audio repair)

Analog hardware

Bettermaker Mastering Equaliser (parametric and passive EQ), SPL Stereo Vitalizer (program EQ and enhancer), Rupert Neve Portico 542 (tape emulator), Tegeler Schwerkraftmachine (tube compressor), Tegeler Crème (VCA bus-compressor and shelving EQ), Bettermaker Mastering Limiter (limiter/clipper/saturator/enhancer)

Digital plugins

Lot's of high quality plugins from Tone Projects, Newfangled Audio/Eventide, MAAT, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance, Softube (Weiss/Chandler), iZotope, Flux, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Leapwing, Native Instruments, TC Electronic, SSL, Waves (Abbey Road), Soundtheory, Audio Thing, Oeksound, Soundtoys, Baby Audio


PMC TwoTwo6 (main monitors), Auratones & Bettermaker amp ('the best of the worst'), JBL 4311WX (vintage control monitors build in the 70s), Audeze LCD-X/ Sennheizer HD580/ Beyer Dynamic DT100 (headphones), SPL MTC MkII (monitor controller), TC Electronic Clarity X (metering), GIK Acoustics/ Hofa-Akustik/ Sonarworks (room treatment)


Softube Console 1, SSL UF8, SSL UC1,Steinberg CC121, TC Electronic hardware plugin-controllers

Audio Interface - AD/DA convertor

Prism Sound Titán


You want to listen to music I've mastered? Besides my own music, I worked with bands like Wük and Bergen. I just started; more to come in the near future!

Gert Keunen



Hit by Frailty