HEIS - New album out now!

And so it began. The lockdown.

It was the perfect moment for reflection and literally locking myself up in my home studio. Looking at things from a new perspective. Doing everything myself.

It dawned on me that I could actually do just that: make a record from a to z, from writing to mastering, on my own. So here we are… I call it ‘post-cinematic’ music.

On the album I play keys, guitar and some bass, but also a whole bunch of virtual instruments, like strings, brass, woods, double bass, drums, percussion, vibraphone and choir. In fact, you could see this as an ode to the endless possibilities of software. 

You will also hear a lot of sounds that I recorded while travelling in Norway and Iceland: the Hurtigrutten at the harbour of Tromsø, the fløibanen in Bergen, an old elevator in a hotel in Bergen, birds in the Lofoten, the water in the Lyngenfjord, Nordic sheep and some lost cars passing by, Kría birds, the Geysir, the door of an old Toyota Corolla, voices on the streets and at home.

This is my movie. Enjoy the view.

KRIA - New video from HEIS

New video from the album HEIS! 

Filmed in Norway, in August 2020, with my phone.

Location: Blåsjø, a huge lake/ water reservoir in Ryfylke, 82 sqkm, more than 1000 meters above sea level. The same location where also the pictures for the album were taken.

More video's on my YouTube-channel!

HAVN - First track from HEIS

Check out the first track from the upcoming album HEIS! 

Filmed around the Lysefjord in Norway, August 2020, with my phone.


I like to create things. Books for instance, but also beer (www.keun.be) and of course: music.

For years I worked under the moniker of Briskey. But times have  changed. Both the lockdown and the enormous development of virtual instruments made it possible to alter my workflow and do everything alone.

Being a 'recording artist' in the first place, bringing this music live will not be obvious. But who knows...

HEIS is available as a 180 gram vinyl (cd included!) in a gatefold record sleeve, and on all streaming platforms.