HEIS LIVE - New live band on the road!

Working in the studio is great, bringing this music live on stage is even greater. So here it is: my new live band!

With amazing musicians like Nelle Bogaerts (cello, voice and electronics, see Lili Grace), Zjef Van Steenbergen (double bass) and Hélène Deklerck (drums), we will perform tracks from HEIS, some new material and some reworks of older Briskey-tracks.

We're proud to announce three gigs:

- 08/10/21: 4AD, Diksmuide 

- 28/10/21: Nordic Nights, CC Hasselt

- 04/11/21: Democrazy @ De Centrale, Gent 

Hope to see you there!

HEMMA - New single and video 

New track to be released on September 24, 2021. More news soon.

In the meantime please check my YouTube-channel!

HAVN - Your entry to HEIS

Check out the most streamed track the album HEIS! 

Filmed around the Lysefjord in Norway, August 2020, with my phone.


I like to create things. Books for instance, but also beer (www.keun.be) and of course: music.

For years I worked under the moniker of Briskey. But times have  changed. Both the lockdown and the enormous development of virtual instruments made it possible to alter my workflow and do everything alone.

Being a 'recording artist' in the first place, bringing this music live is an essential element of making music. With a new live band we will translate this studio journey into a vibrant performance.