Havn (Silence) - new collaboration Gert Keunen & Sarah Green

Is this the start of something beautiful?

'Havn (Silence') is a vocal version of the previously released 'Havn'. Cinematic music and a haunting, emotional vocal: it's a combination made in heaven. I always dreamt about an angelic voice that could lift my instrumental 'nordic noir' music to a higher level. Enter Sarah Green (Glitterpaard, ex-Portland). She immediately felt what I was aiming for, and filled in the blanks. Her lyrics capture the feeling I put in my music. Emotionally, we are soulmates, as it turns out. 'Havn (Silence)' can be the start of a long-term side project.

Sarah Green about our collaboration: 'For me, it felt very natural to create the vocal line and lyrics. I closed my eyes to immerse myself in the atmosphere of the original song. There was a familiar feeling, a safe haven to find inner peace, becoming one with nature, emptiness, a space to experiment with singing, and to let silence fall.'

Silence brings me back; Silence is all I need…

'Havn (Silence)' will be available on all streaming platforms (go the Qobuz or Tidal for hi-res quality).

Listen to it here.

New live band

Working in the studio is great, bringing this music live on stage is even greater. So here it is: my new live band!

With amazing musicians like Nelle Bogaerts (cello, voice and electronics, see Lili Grace), Zjef Van Steenbergen (double bass) and Hélène Deklerck (drums), we did a few gigs late 2021, performing tracks from Heis, Hemma and some reworks of older Briskey-tracks.

For the moment, there are no plans for a full Hemma Live show.

Past gigs:

- 08/10/21: 4AD, Diksmuide 

- 28/10/21: Nordic Nights, CC Hasselt

- 04/11/21: Democrazy @ De Centrale, Gent 

HAVN - Your entry to HEIS

Check out the most streamed track the album HEIS! 

Filmed around the Lysefjord in Norway, August 2020, with my phone.

More video's on my YouTube-channel: